Respiratory Interventions for Your Pet

Mechanical ventilation and oxygen therapy are life-saving interventions for many critically ill veterinary patients. While it does not cure any disease, it does support lung function to allow time to treat the underlying problem. Mechanical ventilation and oxygen therapy requires continuous monitoring. For this reason, WTEVC is with any patient requiring lung support 24 hours a day.


Ventilator Procedures

Mechanical ventilation is a life-saving treatment provided to animals whose lungs are not functioning properly. The ventilator keeps an animal’s lungs open and functioning, allowing us to treat their primary illness and get them back on their feet.

During Ventilation

Patients are sedated during mechanical ventilation to protect them from the discomfort associated with breathing tubes. A tube is inserted into the pet’s airway and connected to a ventilator machine which breathes for the patient.

Our expert pet care team monitors your pet’s oxygen levels and other vital signs during the ventilator treatment, as well as medications and feeding, to ensure that they’re comfortable throughout their stay. The team will also be there to keep your pet clean, provide bedding and blankets, and ensure that they’re supported through the process.

After the patient’s diagnosis has been treated and/ or their lungs are strong enough to work on their own, the ventilation is reduced to evaluate if the patient can breathe properly.

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy, what is it?

Oxygen therapy is a means of administering extra oxygen to pets in situations of respiratory distress, it is a necessary step for dogs that are struggling to breathe. To address a lack of oxygen in a dog, the dog breathes in extra oxygen through a mask or by adding oxygen to their environment.

Oxygen is essential to all life. Without it, a patient can suffer cell death, organ failure, and death. Oxygen supplementation is used in critical care medicine to stabilize the pet and help make them strong enough to undergo diagnostic tests

Oxygen Therapy Procedure

There are several ways to provide oxygen therapy to a pet. The most important thing is to not stress the patient while administering oxygen. A pet that is fighting to breathe could be pushed into a crisis if they exert themselves during the administration of oxygen. To minimize stress, the clinician may choose one delivery form over another. Regardless of delivery method, the goal is to use the minimum level of restraint that is necessary.

Delivery methods include:

Oxygen therapy can be an essential treatment in a variety of life-threatening and life-limiting circumstances. While inhaled oxygen has been shown to be effective, the method of delivery must be chosen based on the stress levels of said patient. Oxygen therapy is not a cure for specific diseases, but it is primarily used to help stabilize patients who are suffering from respiratory distress. In the end, their recovery depends on diagnosing and treating the reason for their respiratory distress.

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I highly recommend this clinic. They care about the patients that come in. It's a clean and well run establishment. Prices are reasonable also.
Barbara White
Barbara White
May 7, 2022.
THANK YOU to the Emergency Vet Clinic for diagnosing our puppy and treating her for distemper. We came AFTER another vet said she had allergies. Despite an extremely long wait, the doctor took care of Lulu and even offered a follow up visit to check up on her. The front desk person (Kristin maybe? she is starting nights) is a true asset to the team. Thank you for being a resource in West Texas.
Matt R
Matt R
April 17, 2022.
Zoe has been Phenomenal in supporting us thru our dog having puppies for the first time. She is very knowledgeable and patient. Thank you for everything.
Janean Lyons
Janean Lyons
April 17, 2022.
Careful attention to history of animal and explanation of treatment.
Becky Johnson
Becky Johnson
April 12, 2022.

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